Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bold and Deliberate

Mar 17, 2007


so there's this vine growing through the top of my kitchen window and it recently developed some bright green leaves. i'm lovin' it to life. i've always been mindful of the way vines just do their thing regardless. and all of nature for that matter. like the way a bright yellow flower will burst through cracks in concrete. or how roots of a tree will just shatter a sidewalk. so i started thinking, i need to be just as bold in my positive endeavors at all times. no inhibitions. just doing my thing cause that's all i know how to do. growing. progressing. continually going forward. with no insecurities or doubts. letting nothing hold me back. just like every other natural entity does. yep. flytie to the fullest. ;-)

"if this life is heaven, can we live like the stars?"--Fertile Ground



  1. ;) makes you think a little deeper about roots and what they really do...their strength and how that applies to our lives. I think about this often as I am drawn to trees, the strength and power that they posses to dig deep into the ground at the same time as reaching up into the sky stretching and expanding while maintaining balance even through the storms, until and unless they become unhealthy.