Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That I Am


February 24, 2010

my beloved peter tosh said:

"i don't owe no one no obligation; no one owe me none, so everything is fine, fine."

i need to shout that from a mountain top, cause some folk in my realm been straight trrrrripin' this week! lord!

in the past i'd make myself so emotionally available that i'd become drained. i stayed on top of things to see to it that no offense could be taken due to the fact that i may not have returned a call, called at all, given a smile, spoken...first...as in, when i encountered someone in a public place whom i knew...y'all may know how that goes.

at this point, though,i'm so over it. i mean dang, sometimes i forget to call, get caught up, have personal issues to cause my mind to be elsewhere, may be busy, get sad, may not have seen you in order to speak...first. if someone wants to get all bent out of shape and snooty (a word i've been having fun saying lately) because i didn't live up to whatever expectation they may have had, then hey...


maaan! it seems like (some) people really take it as a blow to themselves if they don't get a response as quickly or in the manner that they're used to or feel entitled to.

how insane is that??

come on people.


but enough about me. there are even more relevant matters at hand. my sistafriend sent me a video that i'd like to share. i know i've said it somewhere before, but i must have been a midwife or someone of that nature in a previous life, because everything about birth fascinates me. i somewhat touched on that subject here before. let's just say i'm damaged goods when it comes to having

(now you might wonder, "how can it be when you've never experienced it??" well, i've somewhat touched on the subject of my non-reproductive stint thus far in a post before.)

i'm particularly enthralled by natural birth. (which reminds me that i need to see the business of being born for the i don't know how many time.) she (sistafriend) is looking to get a copy of another borth-related film entitled bringin' in da spirit for a local community even she'll be holding in may. if anyone has the word on getting it at a more economical rate, lemme know.

ok, the video:

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