Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When It All Falls Down

Jun 29, 2010


i recently returned from spending 3.5 days in algiers point, new orleans. following the incidences said to have been the result of a hurrican called "katrina", i heard about the senseless "race" related shootings/killings that took place in algiers point as those who fled their homes in the city sought refuge in this particular, virtually untouched neighborhood.

while there this past weekend, i was told more stories of hateful events that took place against black individuals at the hands of white males. then tonight i can across this in depth article


and got chills as i read about these killings taking place on the very street that i walked on bare foot--and alone--sunday night trying to catch a cool breeze. it made me shudder to see in the article the names of streets and intersections that i recently became familiar with just so i could know my way around during the brief period of my stay in algiers.

the very street on which my place of residence while i was there is housed is also the street where a black man was gunned down while trying to find some relief from flood waters and chaos.

it was devastating to read/hear about before and even more touching now. in all matters dealing with the brutal treatment and killing of black people i always say to myself. "it could have been me" because of who i am by nature. given the circumstances surrounding my place and time in this world i suppose, it has yet to be. but i always feel like it could have been and could be. people are sick.

at the end of the day, there's the possibility that anything can and will go when dealing with the psychology of insane people who apparently are capable of being even more insane when they're in a state of fear. this is nothing new. we've got to be ready.


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