Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Count Me In

Dec 23, 2008


Yesterday I decided that I wasn't gonna do anything tangibly productive. No sewing. No cooking. No cleaning. No nothing. (Although I did end up sauteing some kale.)
Anyway, I went to the library and checked out 7 dvds, got back home, and commenced to lying bundled up on the couch while viewing them on my computer. (Yeah, it's going on 2009 and I've never owned an actual, "connect it to your t.v." dvd player.)
The films I checked out include George Washington, Sicko, Daughters of the Dust, and The Handmaid's Tale. The one that's relevant to this post is Maxed Out. I'd seen it before but got it again just cause. This time around somtheing that caught my attetention near the beginning was a comment by the guy who hosted Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. He said a lot of stuff, but the part that stuck with me was a statement he made in regards to people's fascination with the way rich, famous folks live.
And I quote:
"Nobody would watch lifestyles of the poor and unknown."
That made me think. Actually, I for one probably would watch a show of that nature, because there's something about the way materially "poor" people live that fascinates me. The way they're able to survive and the methods employed in order to ensure that survival is pretty intriguing. To me anyway.
Seeing as how I'm one who wouldn't be classified as rich or even upper or middle class and know what it is to have to "make do" with what you have, I've got a pretty strong appreciation for others who have the knowledge and ability to do the same. Futher, as a product of the very rural south seeing people living that way is/was the norm. It isn't to say that rural living implies "poorness"; there were certainly those in my community who did have; but there were definitely more who didn't. They still got by, though. Usually with much merriment and joy.
And even while this form of living isn't really anything new to my experience, I'd still watch a show on it. (Hopefully it wouldn't be biased and skewed. We are talkimg and t.v. and media afterall.) Even if I were to ever achieve the status of "rich and famous," I'd like too keep some of those jewels from the "poor and unknown" in my arsenal of knowledge. Seems only right to me.

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