Tuesday, October 2, 2012


April 15, 2009

I decided today that I'm gonna give saying "no" a break for a minute and say "yes" more. It hit me while I was in the grocery store earlier. I go through this from time to time and will probably be back to saying "no" on a regular basis next week, ha!

But for now it's, "Yes!" (well not to everything ;-)

And speaking of "yes," one of my current guilty pleasure jaaaaaaams:

Yeah, Lil' Wayne and all.

**I just came back from a solo drive to Atlanta and other places and had the most interesting and hilarious time. I picked up some icky germ somewhere along the way, though (runny nose, fatigue, etc.), and that ain't cool. But still, "Yes!"

**I really came here to talk about something else, but got sidetracked, so this is random.

"I turn ya on like a handle..."


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