Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sign of the Times

Jun 11, 2010

despite all that is said pertaining to the de-population of black people in this country/world via disguised tactics (promotion of abortions in black communities under the guise of "help", etc.) and how we're losing so many men to the incarceration system and how we're not perceiving or doing anything about this, every now and then i'll hear words that make me smile and reaffirm what i already know: this idea--that nobody cares/nothing is being done--is not absolutely true. i'm not saying it's "absolutely not true". i'm saying it's "not true ABSOLUTELY".

a couple weeks ago i overheard this conversation:

location--laundromat in "tha hood" aka where black people live in large amounts.

(names made up)

person a (adult female): "giiiirl, you know tori's daughter is pregnant, and she was trying to make her have an abortion..."

person b (also an adult female): "whhhaaaaat?!?!?"

person a: yeah! they don't want nobody to know. the girl and her lil boyfriend want the baby, though.

person b: she's about to graduate right?

person a: yeah, next week. girl, these parents be pushing abortions on these young girls like it ain't nothing. just want to kill the child before it grow!!

person b: uuummmhmmm. don't make no sense. hell. they act like being pregnant is a sin.

person a: thank ya!

then she runs off to corral her two young children who were running around having the time of their lives in there. (and i had previously participated with them a bit, lol!)


just the other day i was in an elevator at the courthouse with two other women and heard this:

ok, really i was zoned out and didn't catch their entire conversation. but as the elevator opening and one woman got off, i heard:

"girl yeah. i'm gone save my son before the system get him!!"

to which the other lady replied

"i know that's right!"

these are little (really...HUGE) victories that make my heart smile.

all isn't lost.


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